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   Swill and Food in Brentford (4-Feb-05)

Didn't partake of any local food, yuppie or otherwise, but your roving reporter was at this excellent gig.

Tip - if you're going to do a write up of a gig, do it before sleeping, while it's still all still fresh in the memory!

Swill did a sound check at about 8:10, followed by Stepan Pasicznyk's (aka Ludwig) support set. He's the accordion player/singer of the Ukes and a former member of The Ukrainians. See Unusual is the word I think. Stepan sounds totally English, but performed all his songs in Ukrainian. As he put it "if you think I'll have a hard job holding your attention with just an accordion and a voice, I'll also be doing it in a language you don't understand!" He carries it off though with his enthusiasm & explanations of the songs as he goes along.

Swill did a continuous set from around 9:00 to 10:50 with various Swaggers joining leaving during it.

Swaggers consisted of:

  • Swill (with bad haircut (see below))
  • Tom Spencer (with hat "to cover bad haircut", on guitar & "free" mandolin)
  • Ash (Swill's neighbour, with weird beard, black baseball cap & Knopfler impressions on guitar)
  • Ricky (needing no introduction, on occasionally audible bass guitar, & sometimes plucking other than top 2 strings)
  • Jon (Swill's brother on bongo type thing, portable drum & shaking coke can full of ball bearings (can't you tell I'm a musician ?!))

Setlist nicked from stage reads verbatim:

  • Marjory & Johnny Solo
  • Greenback Dollar Solo
  • Elvis Lives Solo
  • In the Jailhouse Now S & Tom gtr
  • The Thief, The Brief & . Tom & Ricky Gtr
  • Ready to blow All
  • Family Way All
  • These Days All
  • Hanwell Shuffle All
  • Singing Elvis All
  • Walkin' Talkin' All
  • Lost in the Flood Ash
  • Going Back To Coventry Solo
  • Deep Blue Sea Tom & Ricky
  • The Story Tom & Ricky gtr
  • The Green Fields of France All


  • Tightrope Solo
  • Sam Hill Solo
  • You make my life complete Solo
  • Birth of the Bop Ricky & Swill
  • The Day After Tom & Ricky man capo
  • Scarlet Ribbons All
  • A Night To Remember All


  • Red Rocks Solo
  • Barratts Solo

There wasn't time for all of those, & the order changed a bit, but no doubt, all will become clear when Pete's recording hits the streets. A few new songs there too - to be included on next album, whose title was mentioned but I didn't catch.

Swill did finish with a much requested rendition of Barratts. No stage invasion during Green Fields of France - it would have been too easy - perhaps it's the challenge which motivates people!

There were a few Wenlock T-shirts proudly on display & a lot of familiar faces. The compulsory Bees raffle. Bar service good. And that's about it - a good time was had by all. Many thanks to Pete Crook & all concerned.


PS: who was that at the bar drinking my bitter, mistaking it for his lager ?