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   Odgers & Simmonds: Live in Offenburg, 6-May-2000

A little review of the gig in OFFENBURG:

The band after a pretty long journey was nevertheless as usual very enthusiastic as the crowd .

Perhaps not the habitual punters but in fact they were all under the charm after the first song.

As I was writing the name of the songs in my little Hidden Agenda a few people ask me from which album it was possible to get them .In fact the TMTCH, LIBERTY CAGE and ODGERS & SIMMONDS’S CDs. So at the end of the gig lots of people bought the Best Of Album part 2, the EP I’WILL KEEP IT WITH MINE and of course the brand new CD BABY FISHLIPS with 2 new tracks. One of them THE TRIGGER , a duet between SWILL and MICK THOMAS (ex W.P.A.’s lead singer and a good friend of the band since more than a decade now) and the other the RISING ROAD.

So the crowd was more than pleased with the performance which shows PAUL & SWILL with the invaluable contribution of Mister Dave KENT from a different side.

DAVE like during the old days of the MEN and of course LIBERTY CAGE brought new power and life in a very various show.

So for all of you here is the set list of a stunning night with some great vocals, wonderful harmonies and breathtaking new folk rock :

  1. GOING BACK TO COVENTRY A stomping opener with a punchy grip
  2. NIGHTBIRD The band still alive and kicking. A catchy tune which demonstrates of what they do so brilliantly with a different angle
  3. PIECES OF PARADISE A pure song of poetry and a perfect example of the variety of the band
  4. BARRETT’S PRIVATEERS As always all the audience was more than impressed by the emotional & passionate rendition of the song
  5. MERCY OF THE GUARDS We returned here to the LIBERTY CAGE stylish pasture
  6. THE GHOSTS OF CABLE STREET A version with a freshness vitality and a perfect encapsulation of the 16 years TMTCH’s career
  7. THE TRIGGER I’m sure you will appreciate the 2 parts vocals harmonies with PAUL wonderful display
  8. REFUGEES No one sings it quite like the inspiring uplifting voice of Mister DAVE KENT
  9. THE LIGHT Another song of the brand new album full of melancholy and emotion
  10. THE BELLS One the best TMTCH’s song and we are very lucky tonight to heard this intense version full of maturity
  11. YOU MAKE MY MIND STAND STILL A great song with an interesting country influence not a cow punk track but more in the alternative movement currently very popular in UK
  12. THE GREEN FIELDS OF FRANCE A ageless anthem from a rich musical past and tonight the song is intensified by the acoustic rendition
  13. GREENBACK DOLLAR A live version fuelled by a punk rock rush.
  14. INRONMASTERS A legendary song Need I say more
  15. GREGORY’s GIRL DAVE KENT with a live version never released on CD but in a near future according to unofficial sources you could find it in the shops . In fact due out later in the year
  16. PARTED FROM YOU Like some many other songs an ideal candidate for a movie soundtrack
  17. WALKIN’ TALKING Fast and furious the MEN will be always an awesome live band
  18. RIDE ON Like every night during the tour the band explores some new directions and what a better ending than a CHRISTY MOORE’s cover

A very good shows indeed. In spite of a long journey back It was A NIGHT TO REMEMBER

Furthermore the audience, the record company and the promoters were more than happy so be sure the trio will be back in a near future . We have to hope the same feast in a regular basis in UK , France . But I’m pretty confident because the CD is distributed all over EUROPE in the USA and JAPAN.

Save your money and keep the faith


Philippe le BOUNTY HUNTER & Patricia