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   Odgers & Simmonds: Live in Hamburg

Record Store 'Michelle' And 'Logo' Club, 2-May-2000

Michelle: This is a record store in central Hamburg. Small, but famous for good music. So, in principle it would not be a bad place for s band. Unfortunately there was no advertisement at all (at least I did not see any) except in the store itself. The result was an audience of about ten people, what a pity.

Paul, Swill and Dave Kent , who supports Swill and Paul on this tour, played 7 Songs, approximately 30 Minutes, fully unplugged, of course.


The greatest song for me was "Refugee". This song just screams to be played in an acoustic version, it´s much nicer that way. The only “old TMTCH song” were Greenback Dollar and “Ghost of cable street”, but also this of course sounded totally different then all of us are used to. Great! I took several pictures and some are ok, maybe you can find some of them here later.


Overall, it was a strange feeling to listen to such great music and watch people buying records at the same time. Of course the records have been on sale as well (remarkably cheap, just 25 DM) and got signed by the musicians.

At 8pm I went to the Logo. The Logo is one of the typical concert “halls” (but much smaller then a hall), where nearly every day a concert is on. The Gig was about to start with a supporting act at 9pm, but the lady did not show up. So, Paul, Swill and Dave started at 9.30 playing for one hour plus some encores. The audience was small, but GREAT. We celebrated them and got them out to the stage again and again and it was obvious that the band also enjoyed it. Very most of the people (you can not say that it was crowded, unfortunately) where real fans knowing the all or most of songs.

The last song but one was "smugglers" - I love it and we all did it together. Another highlight was an "a capella" song done by swill, Barrett's Privateers, just as it is on the record. But, on a record, where you have several tries and no audience or live – that´s a difference! Bloody exciting! Who else can really do that, there are not many singers like this around!

What a shame, the gig was hardly ever advertised, so how can people know and come. But, on the other hand, the atmosphere was terrific, one of the best concerts I have ever been in my life and I have been to many. Both, the audience and the band, really enjoyed it! That is what music is all about, folks. Forget the radio, enjoy the real!

Finally, I just hope that all the other gigs find a bigger audience. If you are around, go there and bring all the people you know. It´s absolutely worth it, I guarantee.